CX Dimming Option Card

The CX Dimming Option Card provides 0-10V dimming through any HCS CX Lighting Control Panel. A low cost solution for lighting control challenges as more stringent energy codes, demand response requirements and LEED qualification are desired. The CX Dimming Option Card provides 0-10V full range dimming control for LED electronic dimming drivers and fluorescent electronic dimming ballasts. The Dimming Channels may be configured to work in concert with Photo Sensors, Occupancy Sensors and Schedules in addition to manual Raise Lower Switches to provide additional energy savings.



LV Series Low Voltage Switches

天天捕鱼Our Low Voltage Wall Switches are designed for virtually any area. The soft contours of its architecturally-pleasing design fit easily into any décor. Momentary version switches are available and feature multiple button configurations making them the perfect switch solution for low voltage occupancy sensors, daylighting controls and networked lighting control panels.


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